Trying out components of the bot locally

GitHub API

The different components of the bot interact with GitHub via a set of helper classes that live in baldrick.github. These classes are RepoHandler, IssueHandler, and PullRequestHandler. It is possible to try these out locally, at least for the parts of the GitHub API that do not require authentication. For example, the following should work:

>>> from baldrick.github import RepoHandler, IssueHandler, PullRequestHandler
>>> repo = RepoHandler('astropy/astropy')
>>> repo.get_issues('open', 'Close?')
[6025, 5193, 4842, 4549, 4058, 3951, 3845, 2603, 2232, 1920, 1024, 435, 383, 282]
>>> issue = IssueHandler('astropy/astropy', 6597)
>>> issue.labels
['Bug', 'coordinates']
>>> pr = PullRequestHandler('astropy/astropy', 6606)
>>> pr.labels
['Enhancement', 'Refactoring', 'testing', 'Work in progress']
>>> pr.last_commit_date

However since these are being run un-authenticated, you may quickly run into the GitHub public API limits. If you are interested in authenticating locally, see the Authenticating locally section below.

Authenticating locally

In some cases, you may want to test the bot locally as if it was running on Heroku. In order to do this you will need to make sure you have all the environment variables described above set correctly.

The main ones to get right as far as authentication is concerned are as follows (see Setting up an app on Heroku for further details):



The last thing you will need is an Installation ID - a GitHub app can be linked to different GitHub accounts, and for each account or organization, it has a unique ID. You can find out this ID by going to Your installations and then clicking on the settings box next to the account where you have a test repository you want to interact with. The URL of the page you go to will contain the Installation ID and look like:

In this case, 36238 is the installation ID. Provided you set the environment variables correctly, you should then be able to do e.g.:

>>> from baldrick.github import IssueHandler
>>> issue = IssueHandler('astrofrog/test-bot', 5, installation=36238)
>>> issue.submit_comment('I am alive!')


Authentication will not work properly if you have a .netrc file in your home directory, so you will need to rename this file temporarily.